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Diana Kerim who was born in Azerbaijan Qusar city and by the origin is Lezgi is engaged in translation and interpreting on national and international platforms. Since 3 years old by being brought up in Ukraine after graduating from Persian Language and Literature Department of Crimean Tatar and East Languages Faculty of Tavrida National V. İ. Vernadsky University which is in Crimea, is continuing to her master degree education in Istanbul University at Turkish Language and Literature Department and knows 7 languages.

The languages that Diana Kerim knows are as follows:

  1. Russian
  2. Ukrainian
  3. English
  4. Turkish
  5. Persian
  6. Lezghian
  7. Crimean Tatar

Her working languages are Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and English.

Diana Kerim was providing private lessons of English and Turkish in her university years in Ukraine.

At the moment she is actively engaged in interpreting at the various national and international industrial trade fairs in Turkey.

In her interpreting profession she also took part in some organizations such as wedding. In her translation profession Diana Kerim also used to work as a medical translator by translating documents such as epicrisis. In addition, being a book translator, some parts of the poem, story and book (a historical novel called the Altın Ordu of Kazakhstani literature) translated by Diana Kerim into a Turkish were published in the International Journal of Translation for International Students named Her Boydan.

Apart from interpreting, she has also taken the first steps in the trade. By representing an Indian company in Turkey for a short period made the imports of rice to Turkey.

After Diana had been working as a full time administrative assistant and interpreter for a year in a company in defense industry, she returned to the fairs plus is engaged in the fair organization services supplying interpreters and hostesses.


Diana Kerim since 2012 is providing translation and interpreting services mostly being in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Turkish languages. Works done by Diana Kerim whose areas of expertise involves document translation includes belles-lettres, scenario, computer games, medical documents, web sites of corporate companies and other websites, product catalogue, advertisement brochures, court documents, various official letters etc. Moreover she also has experience in translating of audiovisual materials i.e. various video and audio recordings and decryption.


Diana Kerim makes consecutive interpreting (listening to the speaker’s speech and by interpreting it to the target language transferring to the other party) at national and international bilateral meetings, corporate meetings, trade, business negotiations, fairs and exhibitions, reception of foreign visitors, telephone calls, business trips, visits to workplaces or factories, hosting of delegations coming from abroad on many issues beginning from the food sector, textile, yarn, automotive, jewelry, building, furniture and other. She also gives foreign language support that fair exhibitors need during the exhibition at their booths. In addition to that, she also helps to create a customer portfolio and establish a business connection.

Diana Kerim, who constantly is busy with improving herself, participated in a number of seminars and get education regarding New Media field at Istanbul Media Academy. Her next goal is to learn one foreign language more and specialize in Digital Marketing and Foreign Trade fields.